What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life by Johnnie Moore
Author Johnnie Moore


served for a dozen years at Liberty University as the university's Campus Pastor and Senior Vice President. He now works as Chief of Staff as well as Vice President of Faith Content to film and television producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. He lives near Santa Monica with his wife, Andrea, and their children.

"What are you supposed to do with your life?"

It's a question we've all asked and if it isn't hard enough it seems that our desires for our life and God's are diametrically opposed, continually at odds.

But what if the question wasn't so difficult?

What if finding God's will was easier than you thought, and what if living it brought you more joy than you ever imagined?

Highly acclaimed author and speaker, Johnnie Moore, helps you find the simple answer to one of life's most persistent and difficult questions,

"What are you
supposed to do
with your life?"

Herein is the great secret of the will of God: The will of God is more about who you are than where you are or what you do. You don’t find it, you become it.

So it’s time to stop making excuses, and to start turning the particular dials of history that are yours to turn.

We need you.

God has given you a dream that could change the world.

What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life? By Johnnie Moore

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